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The Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys In Los Angeles: TODD M. MALYNN

Principal, Polsinelli LLP

Todd Malynn is a distinguished intellectual property litigation attorney with a reputation for taking on cases that require him to develop novel legal theories, and applications that expand the interpretation of existing intellectual property law, in order to address cutting edge legal problems in this complex and rapidly expanding area of the law.

For example, using a novel approach, Malynn successfully litigated a case invoking FDA regulations to obtain a judgment in favor of his client from the Central District of California that resulted in a new legal theory regarding “off label” advertising. In another case, Malynn helped develop the legal strategy that ultimately resulted in a $2.3 billion judgment for misappropriation of trade secrets, the largest jury verdict in California in 2011. He was also a key part of the legal team that received the largest jury verdict for a patent infringement action in California in 2014. Over the past two years, he has handled a number of cases for Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc. and Nail Alliance, LLC that have resulted in novel decisions and rulings directly impacting other intellectual property litigation cases.

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