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The Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys In Los Angeles: MARC E. MAYER

Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

Having represented video game developers, music publishers, and other content creators for nearly two decades, Marc Mayer has become a go-to litigator for major game companies and music-industry clients in copyright, trademark, and other IP-related disputes. Beginning with his work for the RIAA in its groundbreaking file-sharing litigation against Napster, Mayer has been as passionate about understanding the complex technologies at issue in his high-stakes cases as he is about finding ways to use the law to protect his clients.

Mayer, co-chair of MSK’s video game practice, has been a formidable force fighting the most pervasive threat known today to the video game industry — exploitation software known as “bots.” Mayer has uniquely positioned himself on the front lines protecting his clients against the makers and sellers of these bots, private servers, and other cheats — filing more than a dozen such lawsuits in the past few years on behalf of clients such as Blizzard, Riot, and Nexon. His intimate understanding of code writing and technology interfaces allow Mayer the ability to effectively litigate a successful defense strategy.

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