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The Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys In Los Angeles: KARIN PAGNANELLI

Partner, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

As co-chair of Mitchell Silberberg and Knupp’s Entertainment & Intellectual Property litigation practice group and Video Game group, as well as a member of the firm’s governing board, Karin Pagnanelli has been a charismatic force shaping the legal landscape as one of the nation’s top IP attorneys, and has successfully defended clients against copyright, patent, and trademark infringement allegations as well affirmatively protecting her clients’ intellectual property rights, either through litigation, or a structured anti-piracy program focused on results with low overhead and fees.

Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty are three of the most popular video game franchises in history. Pagnanelli has won IP lawsuits involving each of them (including two summary judgment decisions and, in the case of Grand Theft Auto, a favorable settlement). In Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. et al v. Lilith Games (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. et al, she co-represents the developers of World of Warcraft, the world’s most popular multiplayer online role playing game in a copyright action that raises age-old copyright issues made fresh in a digital context.

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