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Most Admired Law Firms To Work For: Pircher, Nichols & Meeks LLP

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Pircher’s goal is to provide a working environment that not only offers attorneys challenging projects for interesting clients, but also one that is positive, relaxed and team-oriented. The firm seeks to employ individuals who possess a practical approach to problem solving, exceptional interpersonal skills and outstanding academic credentials. The firm believes that its intellectual capital not only sets it apart, but also has enabled the firm to build on the foundation that was established more than three decades ago. For those who choose to build their career at the firm, Pircher’s leadership is committed to enabling them to reach the highest in legal service and excellence and achieve their maximum potential in the legal profession. As such, Pircher brings associates into client relationships early in their careers to nurture and develop both the client relationship and associates’ growth.

Pircher also takes the time to celebrate its hard-working team. From annual parties and company events to policies that offer flexibility for much-needed time out of the office for rest, the firm is committed to ensuring team members feel both supported and appreciated. Attorneys are particularly still looking forward to COVID-19 restrictions lifting so that they can return to the office and resume celebrating Scotch Thursdays.

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