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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Patrick Harder

Patrick Harder

Chair, Infrastructure Group


Over the past several years, Patrick Harder – chair of Nossaman’s Infrastructure Group – has served as the leader of the legal team advising on several of the largest, most innovative, most impactful, and most technically complex Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects in the United States and California. These projects include the Convention Center Renovation and Expansion for the City of Los Angeles, the massive $7 billion Landside Access Management Program (LAMP) at the Los Aneles International Airport – which is currently under construction, and the recently completed UC Merced 2020 project for the University of California Board of Regents. Progress has continued unfettered on many of the projects he leads despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Harder traces his family roots back to the town of Ajijic along Lake Chapala, in the State of Jalisco – his mother was born and raised in the region and he lived there as a child. He has many family members still living in the area.

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