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Minority Leaders Of Influence, Attorneys: Mark Y. Liu

Mark Y. Liu


Akerman LLP

Born in China but raised in the Midwest, Mark Liu started his legal career at Akerman LLP in the Miami office on 2005. After a three-year stint in Hong Kong, helping take Chinese companies public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and focusing on cross-border Asia and US investment and M&A transactions, Liu returned to Akerman (in the LA office) in 2016.

Liu currently represents U.S. and international companies and financial institutions in a wide variety of public and private capital markets transactions, as well as in M&A, joint venture or private equity investment transactions. His experience includes leading offerings of equity in initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary equity offerings, pre-IPO and venture financings, Regulation D, Regulation S and Rule 144A offerings, exchange offers, and other public and private equity and debt offerings, as well as cross-border M&A and investment transactions.

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