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Leaders of Influence – Wealth Managers: DARYA ALLEN-ATTAR

Darya Allen-Attar

Impact Director, Morgan Stanley Investing with Impact

Morgan Stanley

Assets Under Management: $125 Million

Darya Allen-Attar is a financial Advisor at the Santa Monica office of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Drawing on over 25 years of experience at Morgan Stanley, Allen-Attar focuses on providing a comprehensive institutional approach to investment management for foundation/endowment portfolios of all kinds. With a strong background in socially responsible ‘Investing with Impact,’ Allen-Attar ranks among the 45 advisors nationwide (out of a network of 16 thousand advisors at Morgan Stanley) who have earned the Impact Director Designation at the firm. She helps investors evaluate the key environmental, social, and governance challenges and opportunities facing their portfolios, as a critical component of managing long term portfolio risk. She is experienced at guiding invested capital into alignment with an organization’s core values, while focusing on prudent investment of the diversified portfolio, focused on risk managed optimized financial return.

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