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Leaders of Influence – Wealth Managers: MATTHEW AYERS

Matthew Ayers

Vice President

Alex Brown, Raymond James

Assets Under Management: $1.4 Billion

Matthew Ayers a natural leader on his team and to his clients. He is developed a reputation for being a passionate and incredibly hard worker, but one would never hear him claim that himself. Rather, he is constantly encouraging others and finding ways to help his clients. His peers believe that his continued growth is a testament to how well he serves others. Clients consult him for many things that affect them in life, not just their financial affairs. Discussing the effects of divorce, a lease on a car, discussing financial affairs with the family, etc. Ayers founded and is an active leader at Vintage Church in Santa Monica, a rapidly growing 1800-member organization where he leads the finances for three locations. He oversees a great number of outreach campaigns for the community and is also an active teacher and mentor.

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