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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Sign Your Beer Loving Dad Up for The Rare Beer Club

If Dad’s a big fan of beer and likes to experiment a bit, treat him to a membership with MonthlyClubs.com’s Rare Beer Club!

Since 1994, MonthlyClubs.com has grown to be one of the largest clubs in the country by consistently delivering a wide variety of limited production, high quality products made from the best ingredients at outstanding values. It all starts with the club’s selection process. From its beer panel assembled from Master Brewers and Beer Judges rating over 7,500 beers over the years, to its two tiered wine tasting panel comprised of sommeliers, professional tasters, winemakers and upwards of thirty or more tasters that run the gamut of wine enthusiasts. In short, MonthlyClubs takes product selection and quality seriously and put a lot of energy into finding and consistently delivering high quality, hand-crafted, exciting products month after month.

With a whole host of different club categories (Microbrew of the Month, International Wine of the Month, Premium Cigar of the Month, Gourmet Cheese of the Month and Gourmet Chocolate of the Month are among the company’s other categories), MonthlyClubs stands by every product shipped and its 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and dedication to relationship-driven customer service will confirm your decision to entrust them with your business (and your dad’s taste buds)!

The MonthlyClubs.com’s owner’s all-time favorite club is what is being spotlighted here for Father’s Day. It features the finest the world has to offer in limited-release, celebratory, artisanal beers. Originally founded by Michael Jackson, who was well established as the world’s leading authority on beer, The Rare Beer Club offers two different selections each month in 750 ml bottles, often cork finished.

Members will discover bold U.S. and imported interpretations of Farmhouse Ales, Russian Imperial Stouts, Barley Wines, Belgian Abbey Ales, varied Imperial, Extreme, Strong Ale and Grand Cru offerings, oak and other cask-aged ales, and much more.

Many selections are pushing the envelope of creativity, are not yet distributed in the US, and brewed such that they can be cellared and aged. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the Personalized Shipment Program ensures that personal members always get only the featured beers they want to get.

For additional information, visit monthlyclubs.com or call them directly at 800-625-8238.

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