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Executive Education: The Cal Lutheran Executive MBA

Every program prepares you for success. This one prepares you for immediate impact.

The Executive MBA from California Lutheran University’s School of Management is designed for mid-career professionals who have already experienced some success and want to identify and achieve bigger goals in their careers. The program presents issues faced in today’s business environment, making the studies immediately relevant and impactful to each student’s current role.

“The idea is to focus experienced professionals toward bringing their peak potential to their career path,” explained School of Management Dean, Gerhard Apfelthaler. “Beyond the functional skills you might expect from any business school program, our students also learn how to lead through change.”

Students develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and competencies, enhance analytical abilities and gain strategic leadership expertise to influence the direction of organizations.


Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, the Executive MBA begins each Fall and Spring and is delivered over 18 months to a cohort of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have a minimum of 5-7 years of relevant managerial/progressive business experience. The program features 16 courses, three units each, delivered in a hybrid model: 7 online courses, 8 on-campus courses in a compressed weekend format, and 1 International Travel course.


The interdisciplinary, experience-driven curriculum is organized around five key areas:

• Leading Operations

• Managing Process

• Leading Strategy

• Leading People

• Professional Advancement

Each includes relevant course topics, including: Innovation and Organizational Entrepreneurship, Global Economics for Executives, Strategic Decision Making for High Performance, Organizational Design, and Global Operations.

Key Benefits

The Executive MBA program prepares students for top leadership positions in public or private organizations and new ventures by providing opportunities to:

Focus on what matters most.

• Develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and competencies.

• Focus on personal development, especially communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.

• Develop and apply analytical abilities to business issues.

• Gain strategic leadership expertise to influence the direction of organizations.

Put what you learn into practice, as you learn it.

• Work on issues faced in your professional environment as part of your coursework, making your studies immediately relevant and impactful.

• Prepare for a lifetime of learning and continuous personal development.

Develop a network of professional peers.

• Learn exclusively within a cohort of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds.

• Build a network of colleagues, including Cal Lutheran alumni, faculty members, and business leaders.

Receive personal attention, every step of the way.

• With a strong emphasis on teamwork, participation, and communication, the program features a world-class faculty, small class sizes, professional skills workshops, and personalized assessments and coaching sessions throughout.

With a Cal Lutheran Executive MBA, you can:

• Speed your career progression

• Boost your earning potential

• Transfer your skills or switch careers

• Unleash your inner entrepreneur

“The Cal Lutheran Executive MBA program has allowed me to step away from the day to day operations and rethink some of our strategies at Blue Microphones,” said John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones. “The program’s faculty and curriculum focus on real world scenarios and techniques. It’s a refreshing approach that doesn’t spend too much time on textbook or scientific theories.”

Learn more at CalLutheran.edu/emba.

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