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Best Places to Work 2020: The Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work for in Los Angeles


BAMKO designs, manufactures, and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. The company has carved out a place for itself as consistently one of the best places to work in Los Angeles. A fast-paced creative environment that is obsessed with personal and professional growth, employees flock to BAMKO in pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves. BAMKO’s track record of personal transformation is a case study in how good corporations can help people become their best self. When asked what their favorite aspects of working for BAMKO are, employees tend to focus on the mantra, “growth, growth, growth.” People come to BAMKO to thrive both personally and professionally and the company goes out of its way to put them in a position to do that. BAMKO employees thrive in the face of adversity and never shrink away from a challenge. The team excels at problem solving and an atmosphere that promotes growth and creativity is cultivated.

Employees appreciate that BAMKO’s leadership makes decisions with a sense of purpose and direction, while giving back to its staff as well as charitable causes. We’ve leaned on our technology to go fully work from home. During the pandemic, BAMKO has been mindful of its employees’ well-being, sending regular care kits to all staffers, organizing Zoom happy hours, and going to great lengths to keep folks safe, healthy, and happy. During this challenging time, BAMKO has also offered much more flexible working options and locations whenever they re-open our offices. Employees will be given much more flexible telecommuting arrangement with the ability to work virtually anywhere.


Vincent Huang & Associates, Inc. distributes prepaid wireless phones. The company provides telephone voice and data communications services. Put plainly, Vincent Huang & Associates is a great place to work — where people’s lives are enriched simply by working there. Everyone is tasked with doing meaningful work, which in turn, leads to a meaningful life. Every employee receives training focused both on professional and personal growth, and enhanced interaction with the company’s caring management team.

Vincent Huang & Associates offers a strong, cohesive leadership team made up of professionals dedicated to contributing to the flywheel of excellence, with the common goal to be industry leaders in their respective roles and areas of responsibilities. There is also deep care for the family of employees, while stimulating high performance. There is a culture of mutual respect and accountability to one another and the value in the work that each person does is tangible. The company offers a highly competitive compensation package at about 75-90% to market, along with a rich benefits package that includes health benefits, wellness activities, in-office gyms, chaplain services, meals four times each week and education reimbursement. During the COVID-19 crisis, the company went out of its way to provide social distancing and hygiene policies for those workers who remained on-site. For those working from home, the company offered employee wellness challenges to keep those working from home as healthy as possible, and engaged everyone with an employee cooking community, resources for home school, compensated child care.


FloQast is a fast-growing close management software solution built by accountants, for accountants. The company is fueled by the success and passion of its employees and defined by the core values: innovation, collaboration, integrity, quality and passion. These values represent FloQast’s culture of cultivating a safe and professional environment for all employees and commitment to creating a cutting-edge product that fills a void and changes accountants’ lives. Each employee exemplifies these values, making FloQast an exciting and vibrant place to work. FloQast provides amazing 100% paid-for healthcare plans that cover the entire family for each employee. The company also encourages cross-collaboration and encourages camaraderie and friendship with free weekly lunches, catered food and a popular rec room. Once each week, four FloQast employees from different departments are awarded a fully paid-for lunch to encourage collaboration and discussion. Because FloQast offers software for accountants, the company provides monthly accounting industry/knowledge training so all employees can receive continued education about the target clients and their work.

In response to COVID-19, FloQast was extremely quick to respond and put in place a mandatory work from home policy a week before Los Angeles and California instituted its stay-at-home order. The company shut all of its physical offices down and conducted deep cleans and allowed employees to work from home to lessen the chance of spread. FloQast has also increased its CEO led meetings to weekly to keep in touch and provide many weekly social activities like happy hours, trivia, team lunches and more to keep connected during this time.

4. P2S INC

P2S Inc is forward-thinking engineering, commissioning and construction management firm whose mission is to design a better future every day. The company imbues staff with the power to design visionary sustainable solutions and embrace collaboration and innovation. P2S employees work in LEED Platinum and Gold offices that are diverse, productive, and fun. Employees set their own schedules and work half days on Fridays. They get sponsored professional memberships and certifications and travel to seminars and conferences on the company dime. P2S strives to deliver quality projects but its company culture and an all-around flexible atmosphere give employees the work-life balance and nurturing environment they need to thrive.


Mission is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Services Provider committed to helping customers harness the power of the cloud to fuel innovation and drive the growth of their businesses. Mission is a great place to work because of its people. Employees trust leadership to lead a healthy, dynamic, and growing company while honoring the importance of work-life balance. This trust goes both ways, as the leadership team trusts employees to be advocates of — and ambassadors for — Mission, ultimately making decisions that will support both the business and its customers. Mission also provides great benefits that include generous health insurance packages, performance incentives, and flexible time off policies.


Burnham is a privately held, women-owned, full-service strategic employee benefits consulting, and brokerage firm offering comprehensive client-first strategic solutions. Burnham Benefits strives year after year to provide a healthy workplace where people can arrive each day (physically or remotely), feel supported and safe, and offer valuable employee benefits services for our clients. The Burnham Benefits team operates much differently than your average brokerage firm. It is highly collaborative and revels in a culture that allows each employee to blossom into the best possible version of themselves. Employees are placed in roles depending not only on their strengths but also their passions.


VOX is self-driven by a diverse team of consultants, entrepreneurs, and technologists. With six fundamental technology practices (consulting, contact center, collaboration, network, security and managed services) and a prescriptive process methodology, VOX seeks to empower its clients, partners, and employees to create something better. VOX’s culture of putting its employees first makes it fully deserving of making this list. Employees are part of a grand collaboration. They love their jobs because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the company’s success. Employees give 200%. They strive to be the best and to deliver top-quality products and services.


Bolton & Company is a full-service insurance broker based in California that handles the employee benefits, property and casualty and risk management needs for thousands of clients across the globe. Bolton offers many exciting career opportunities in an environment that breaks away from a traditional insurance agency. Bolton provides a workspace and culture that enables employees to grow and flourish. The biggest investment is the unique talent, expertise and potential that the team brings every day, and Bolton wants to make sure its employees have the ideal environment and experiences to do what they do best.


Pango Group and its brands love the escrow/real estate industry. Because Pango’s success is 100% reliant on amazing people that Pango staff get to work for and with, the company cares about our people, invests in them and provides an environment that allows them to do the best job possible. As an employer recognized for its expansive growth, highly diverse and inclusive culture, and a team of people with some of the brightest, most dynamic professionals in the industry, Pango works hard to ensure that its people remain at the “heart” of the organization.


At the Goetzman Group, 21 years of professional consulting service excellence has yielded a finely-tuned scenario for clients and employees alike. The work life balance element firmly cemented in Goetzman Group’s culture is key to the organization’s success. With the wide variety of engagements with the Fortune 500 and fast-growing client base, and the goal of projects close to home, it is no surprise the Goetzman Group is a great place to land a career. Goetzman Group consultants enjoy generous amounts of time off between projects should they want to take advantage of an extended trip.


Windes is a recognized leader in the field of audit and assurance services, tax planning and consulting, employee benefit services, and estate and trust planning. Providing business solutions to privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and high-net-worth individuals, the firm has offices in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Windes strives for an environment that values people first, develops leaders, and promotes integrity, respect, trust, and professionalism. The firm prides itself on an environment that encourages teamwork, motivates employees to succeed, and cultivates individuals who are concerned with the welfare of their clients, as well as the communities in which they live and work.

12. ACC

ACC’s family-owned business is very proud of being one of the best places to work in LA because management feels the honor reflects ACC’s commitment to maintaining its business principles of taking care of both the employee and customer first! ACC’s benefits, amenities and perks have created an environment of teamwork and family. This results in a high level of employee engagement. At its core, the DRIVEN (Dependable, Respectful, Integrity, Versatile, Engagement and Nurture) principles guide ACC’s decisions at every level. Who ACC hires, how they work together daily, and how the company treats its customers is carried with the influence of these core values.


EZ Texting is an industry pioneer that’s been leading the way for over a decade. EZ Texting team members love a great challenge, embrace the fast pace of our business, and thrive in a culture that includes hard work, camaraderie, and making time to have fun. Employees uniformly have a quick mind and wit, and the ability to be quick on their feet. The company’s team comes to work every day excited to create innovative technologies and products and are always looking for talented team members who want to be part of a fast-growing company that exceeds expectations, year after year.


TravelStore is a leader in business and vacation travel, and meeting and expense management solutions. The company’s in-depth industry expertise, innovative tools and resources provide our clients with exceptional guaranteed lowest airfares, hotel and car rental discounts and comprehensive travel services. Employees get to travel for a living and sell their passion. Management cares about employees, enforces a strict work-life balance and gives everyone chances to succeed. TravelStore’s founder sold the company back to employees as an ESOP, meaning employees are all shareholders. Employee-owners receive “free money” and a generous retirement plan through company stocks, and every day we create a culture of positivity and recognize everyone’s contributions.


At MediaAlpha, an advertising technology company that develops programmatic advertising platforms, the company collectively “thinks big.” Its success is a result of exceptionally talented and conscientious team members. They define MediaAlpha’s culture: determined, transparent, diverse, and kind. MediaAlpha’s offices and clients are around the world, so the team was already accustomed to virtual communication when COVID-19 hit. In early March, when social distancing was encouraged, MediaAlpha let all its team members know that they had the flexibility to work from home and maintain hours conducive to taking care of themselves and their loved ones. Throughout this pandemic, the executive team has committed to no COVID-related layoffs or furloughs.


Dermavant understands that in order to ignite real change you must combine scientific intellect with the ability to adapt to new challenges and changing situations. Its employees maintain a startup mindset that is smart, scientific and agile while possessing the capability to scale quickly and evolve to meet the dynamic needs of both patients and providers. Dermavant has created a unique inclusive culture that fosters a unified personal desire to develop products that impact people’s lives. Dermavant’s respect and support of every employee provides a safe environment for everyone at the company to be their best every day.


As a mission-driven organization, HopSkipDrive places great emphasis on living its values in all that it does. HSD is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children by enabling opportunity for all through mobility. The company understands that transportation can be the difference between success and struggle, which is why it is on a mission to use technology, operational expertise, and new thinking to help kids reach their full potential by providing a safe, dependable ways to get them where they need to be. The HopSkipDrive team, composed of talented, passionate individuals, is the key to its success and fulfilling its mission.


As healthcare’s largest provider of clinical communication solutions, TigerConnect helps physicians, nurses, and other staff communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating productivity, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes. The company maintains prime office space in the major tech ecosystems of California — Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley — each complete with a loaded fridge and tons of other perks (rock climbing wall, food trucks, yoga, happy hours, etc.). TigerConnect hosts a fun environment that embraces a “work hard-play hard” culture and team members that love what they do and are willing to go the extra mile to help clients, support the company’s rapid growth, and ultimately optimize healthcare workflows.


Raines Feldman prides itself on being the most innovative, collaborative law firm in Los Angeles. The firm actively fosters a dynamic, inclusive, and supportive community and reject preconceived notions about what a law firm is supposed to be. The firm is committed to building and maintaining a culture that promotes connection, enriches the lives of its members, and enhances the success of its clients. Raines Feldman provides flexibility and respects employees’ needs for meaningful work/life balance. The firm is also deeply committed to the community and public service, with its lawyers serving on boards of community organizations and volunteering their time with local nonprofits.

20. TK1SC

tk1sc has been a part of shaping the West Coast building landscape Since 1979. The company’s experience spans more than 40 years with involvement in residential, mixed-use, office, retail, higher education, community colleges, K-12, and healthcare projects. tk1sc truly cares about the well-being and success of its employees. By providing monthly office lunches, perk programs and quarterly parties, tk1sc aims to show its appreciation and gratitude for its team that works hard each day to complete projects and represent tk1sc in a positive and influential way in the engineering industry.


As you walk through Golden Star Technology’s lobby, you’ll see the company’s values painted onto the wall. GST follows the “ABC” (accountability, building connections, and character) motto. Through its 35-year history, GST consistently engages employees through personal development, community service, and team building. Each month, GST hosts a training event (topics include effective communication, guest speaker/lecturer, ISO compliance), community service (such as events with Ronald McDonald lunch services, Dress for Success, American Red Cross blood drive), and team building (Halloween costume contest, annual companywide Memorial trip, annual summer family day, Mud Run, etc.).


Nourmand & Associates is a family-owned brokerage that embraces and treats each employee as a member of the Nourmand family. With an open-door policy and accessible leadership, this unique company allows each employee to feel valued and to have a voice in many decisions made throughout the organization. Employees are given unprecedented access to speak with Michael Nourmand, the president of the company, who welcomes discussion and conversation with each and every employee at almost every time of day. This type of open discourse is indicative of how supportive the organization’s leadership is of its employees.


For over 40 years, Paramount Global has been a provider of packaging and logistics solutions to many of the world’s top industries. The company’s culture is defined by great people seeking excellence in performance and innovative customer service. Not only is Paramount a second-generation family-run organization, it treats employees as family in the office, and in the field — with loyalty, honesty, and accountability. Paramount strives to provide an environment that encourages a culture of support and growth through its core “RICE” values: Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence. A top priority at Paramount is the commitment to developing its work family.


Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, LLC (SEIA) is a registered investment advisory firm offering wealth management services tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals, institutions and corporations. SEIA specializes in investment management, financial planning, investment consulting retirement planning, legacy planning and philanthropic management. Since 1997, SEIA has fostered a collaborative work environment where associates work alongside owners and management to make a positive impact on the firm, as well as the clients. Even while growing over time to be one of the largest independent RIA firms in the country, SEIA’s uncompromising culture of respect has never wavered. An atmosphere of professional development is strengthened by a close-knit collaboration of ideas, focus on innovation, and relationship-based approach.


Citadel maintains a culture of collaboration which creates better work, better results and a better culture. The company maintains an open communication and wants and promotes feedback from employees. The company operates as a team, is family-oriented and puts people before profits. Citadel hires people that are passionate about their work and the industry which promotes a great environment to be energetic, creative, fun and open and makes a huge difference in the overall atmosphere of the company. Citadel’s leadership team also prides itself on being approachable and willing to help get problems solved.


AdColony has been a staple of the Los Angeles tech scene since 2011, and even before that as game-developer Jirbo, Inc. Founded by mobile game developers, the company still has original employees on the roster, continuing to work hard to create mobile ad experience and monetization technology for mobile app developers. The LA office is a close-knit family that does lunches together, checks in on each other, dog-sits, babysits, and supports each other. Over the years, the LA office has become a true place people enjoy working. COVID-19 may have kept them at home, but they’re still a tight-knit team.


Barnstorm VFX is a premiere provider of visual effects services to the film, television and streaming industries. Since its founding in 2011, Barnstorm has been nominated for both Emmy and Visual Effects Society Awards, and contributed to some of the most watched shows on television. In addition to the more pedestrian benefits of medical coverage and matching 401(k), Barnstorm provides laundry service, ample food and snacks, a taco buffet on Tuesdays and Friday game nights. Combined with more esoteric traditions like “Brain Appreciation Day” and “The Barnstorm Brainstorm,” the culture at Barnstorm is a great thing to be a part of.


SAA interiors + architecture believes that employees are the cornerstone of its business. The basis of all customized employee experience initiatives is rooted in featuring ways for each employee to be the best version of themselves in the workplace. The firm celebrates each employee’s personality from the moment they join the SAA family by creating an immersive introduction with their onboarding and later offering tools, resources and employee connections they will need to be successful. Driven by a strategic focus on people and relationships, SAA’s Los Angeles and Culver City offices integrate the mission to “build a better future” in all it does!


Quality is paramount for Karlin, Hiura & LaSota. The team is passionate about their work and providing excellent service. With attorneys across the state of California, it is a mid-sized firm with the heart and soul of a boutique. Karlin, Hiura & LaSota is unique among other business and particularly law firms in that the firm works to cultivate a sense of openness and support for all who work for the company. The firm has given ample support to the employees during the work from home transition in regards to safety, and streamlining technology during the COVID pandemic.


TicketManager makes it easy for companies to take clients to sports games, concerts, and other live events. Aside from providing a great service, there are a number of reasons why its employees love working at TicketManager, but none quite surpasses the monthly community service days where the company pays staff to go out and make a difference. The CEO often takes part, too. TicketManager also has monthly happy hours where the whole team can relax and have fun, company games every Thursday, free gym memberships, unlimited paid time off, and, most importantly, a deep belief that smart people work best when they are allotted a measure of autonomy.


Hoffman Brown Company is a full-service agency established in 1961. The agency is made up of a team of people dedicated to providing companies and individuals with the best possible insurance programs. Hoffman Brown combines its expertise in underwriting, claims and loss prevention with superior professional service in order to provide clients with extraordinary support and service. Employees have numerous perks as well, not the least of which is the nearby park where the company provides lunch on selected Fridays in the summer as well as yoga and meditation in the park events as well.


Signal Sciences was founded to help the people who protect the personal information of millions of app users from malicious hackers all over the world. The company was founded to work with its customers, listen, collaborate, and create products and services that come from an empathetic place. The culture and work environment within Signal Sciences is an extension of that which it was founded on. Leadership cares about giving employees the tools needed to be successful. Employees understand the importance of Signal Science’s work, which creates a culture of inspiration and collaborative problem-solving.


Corra is the global digital agency that fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands trust to create luxury commerce experiences. Providing solutions at the intersection of technology, creativity, and strategy, Corra has many employees across the globe and of different backgrounds so is always celebrating the culture and diversity of its employees. The company offers a flexible work-from-home schedule.

The team is very collaborative in the office and after meetings and work days often gather for happy hours and sports outings. Corra also supports its communities by volunteer day outings. It celebrates its employees as much as it can, promoting and growing from within through recognition, team support, mentoring and succession plans.

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