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2021 Disruptors Awards: Innovator Award Honoree


In 2021, Honeybee Health became the first online pharmacy to allow verified patients to leave manufacturer-specific reviews of their medications. At a traditional pharmacy, the manufacturer of generic medicines may change from month to month depending on what the cheapest option is at the time, what is approved by your insurance, and a myriad of other determinations made by Big Pharma.

Honeybee Health allows customers to choose which manufacturer they want because everyone knows their own body best, not some benefit manager in an office tower. That means patients receive the same medication month after month – especially important if you take medication for mental health, thyroid, or pain management.  

Honeybee Health also created a recommendation engine powered by years of pharmacist insight and experience to recommend vitamins and supplements for medications that may cause a deficiency in the body. For example, if you take Quinapril, a high blood pressure medication generic, you may be deficient in essential minerals. Honeybee’s engine will recommend to the user a multi-mineral supplement to take alongside the medication. Recommendations are another step in the goal of em
powering patients with the information they need to live healthy lives.  

Honeybee Health also became the first mail-order pharmacy to ship pregnancy termination medication to patients in select states in the US. The company has partnered with many leading women’s health organizations, including Planned Parenthood, to provide this critical service to our countries’ most at-need citizens.

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