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2021 Disruptors Awards: RSM Middle Market Award Honoree


Twinmed LLC is the innovator of the “all you can eat” distribution model for medical supplies to the post-acute care market. Coupled with its formula-based product offerings and special pricing based on patients’ actual usage, rather than purchases, it has become the new standard in which this industry most efficiently orders its supplies without overpaying for them.

Founded in 1998, TwinMed has since risen to become one of the United States’ largest full-line medical supply distributors. As the company has grown, it has offered an ever-broadening assortment of name-brand products and assistive services—while drastically increasing its purchasing power. TwinMed’s flagship program was a PPD model for disposable medical supplies. It has since expanded its offerings to include even more inclusive and comprehensive cost management programs. TwinMed will monitor and assess its customers’ medical supply spend, ensuring that the most efficient and clinically effective products are being used.

By partnering with multiple companies, TwinMed is able to present a truly comprehensive program that meets its customers’ clinical and regulatory needs. From survey processes to emergency preparedness, TwinMed has a tool kit to assist a wide variety of needs. Shipping from warehouses located strategically throughout the nation, TwinMed treats our customers with rare insight and attention—offering the cost savings of a national organization while providing the personal care of a local partner.

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