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2019 Women’s Council & Awards: Volunteer of the Year


Senior Vice President of Brokerage

Kennedy Wilson

Christine Deschaine, Senior Vice President of Brokerage for Kennedy Wilson, has more than 25 years of experience in commercial real estate as a tenant and landlord advisor and has worked extensively in urban redevelopment with some of Greater Los Angeles’ most prominent retail developers. She has been an integral part of the real estate groups responsible for the resurgence of neighborhoods such as Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade, Montana Avenue, downtown Burbank, Hollywood Boulevard, Marina del Rey, and Culver City.

Beyond her contributions to the revitalization of so much of Los Angeles, Deschaine also continues to give back in other meaningful ways. Though she’s been very successful in her commercial real estate career, Deschaine is proud of her work volunteering in medical missions first in Brazil and now in Africa, where she visits every year.

For more than a decade, Deschaine has returned to the Congo for two weeks at a time, specifically to an area that is surrounded by rebels and isn’t conducive to a lot of freedom to move out of the area. She has worked with Bringing Hope to the Family through organizations such as Embrace Uganda, Global Support Mission, Know Think Act and ThinSpace Africa. She has also worked through Bel Air Church with Faith Kunihara, the executive director of Bringing Hope to the Family. With Bel Air Church, Deschaine teaches people how to start a business or make their businesses better. By using a business plan template, she shows new business owners what they need to create a self-sustaining business, including how to get their ideas into a product or service, how to raise capital and employ people and how to maintain their business.

She also volunteers her time locally, assisting in Los Angeles-based organizations such as the Anne Douglas Center for Women, Harvest Home, Child Share, Cloud and Fire, Hope Gardens, and Imagine LA.

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