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With the unique and uncharted challenges we have faced so far in 2020, business owners, CTOs and other IT specialists have found themselves faced with a whole new perspective on technology. The economic climate has forced companies to make changes to the way they do business and to the way they approach how they use and manage devices, IT systems, hardware and software. In many cases, good tech and electronic applications have become a lifeline to keeping businesses operational. To help provide some insight into some of the most pressing tech-related questions coming from businesses of all sizes, the Los Angeles Business Journal has assembled this collection of guest articles from some of the regions; leading experts, as well as some other solution-minded content that all serve as a reminder of the huge role innovative technology plays in business today.

Inside this supplement:

Using Personal Machines is High Risk
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to re-invent themselves in the short term… Read More

WFH, WTF? Our World Beyond the Pandemic is Alright
As businesses have pivoted to retain a resilient society, adapting current technological resources, as well as creating new ones, are a byproduct of COVID-19’s obstacles… Read More

Are the “New Normal” Security Vulnerabilities Keeping You Up at Night?
As organizations respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – shifting staff to at-home work environments – many companies are coming to terms with the phrase “New Normal”… Read More

CTA Foundation Awards $700,000 to Address Social Isolation and Improve Lives with Technology
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Foundation has awarded $700,000 in grants to 21 organizations supporting the lives of seniors and people with disabilities through technology… Read More

Tech Recycling Solutions for At-Home Employees
Even prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more companies were allowing employees to work remotely, which requires unique solutions for safe and responsible electronic recycling and IT asset disposition… Read More