VR Playhouse Launches Virtual Reality Training Program


Glassell Park-based boutique studio VR Playhouse has launched an educational program meant to attract students, artists, developers and directors to the virtual reality industry, according to a company statement.

The program called VR Playhouse School offers three courses that meet for three hours weekly for the duration of six weeks. Other offerings include a “360 Video Boot Camp” weekend, as well as a “360 Audio for VR” day.

Chief Executive Christina Heller said she came up with the idea for the school when people kept approaching her after conferences, asking her where they could learn about producing VR.

“It’s time to start opening VR up and letting people who want to learn in,” Heller said. “I want these educational initiatives to be one of the legs of the tripod. We got production services, original content and education.”

Classes, which will be taught by various members of the VR Playhouse team, are set to begin on July 10 at the company’s Glassell Park studio. Prices range from $275 for the daylong course to $2,000 for the six-week course.

Heller said she has geared the 10-person courses towards industry professionals in the industry who are looking to learn about VR. She hopes to eventually offer courses online.

“We want to be able to evaluate what people really want and then we can start to amp up the course offerings and see if we could offer online,” Heller said. “There aren’t going to be a lot of people, so students will receive one on one attention and have the opportunity to learn from masters of the craft.”

The creative studio and production company has worked on VR and augmented reality projects for brands such as Toyota, Red Bull, Coach and Discovery.

Reporter Natalie Hoberman can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her on Twitter @hobermannatalie.

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