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Silicon Beach Report Oct. 4: Fisker Relaunches His Electric Car Brand

Fisker relaunches his electric car brand, Disney rumored to be looking at Netflix acquisition, MTV to make shows for Snapchat, and more.

Fisker Relaunches His Electric Car Brand

Famed car designer Henrik Fisker has launched a new electric car company named Fisker Inc. in Los Angeles, reports the L.A. Business Journal. The new company won’t unveiled the design of its car until the second half of 2017, but says it will be a luxury electric vehicle using new battery technology that will deliver the world’s longest electric life and a reported 400-mile range.

Disney Rumored to Be Looking at Netflix Acquisition

Walt Disney Co. is rumored to be looking at acquiring Netflix, and the gossip has raised shares of the streaming service by about 4 percent on Monday, reports MarketWatch. Some analysts say making a play to move ESPN parent Disney further into streaming video, especially in sports content, makes sense.

MTV to Make Shows for Snapchat

MTV will launch three new shows on its international Snapchat channel this fall, reports DigiDay. Snapchat has been courting TV networks and production studios to help make Discover a destination for original video series.

Chris Sacca Dumps Twitter Shares

Chris Sacca, previously one of Twitter’s largest shareholders, has been selling off his stock in the company and hopes that it will be acquired soon, reports Bloomberg. Sacca said he doesn’t see an acquirer paying more than the current stock price.

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