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Silicon Beach Report Oct. 3: Faraday Future Signs Battery Supply Agreement with LG Chem

Faraday Future signs supply agreement with LG Chem, SpaceX runs down all rocket explosion leads, including sabotage, and WhatsApp pushes Snapchat-like feature.

Faraday Future Signs Supply Agreement with LG Chem

Faraday Future has signed a lithium-ion battery supply agreement with LG Chem, according to the company’s blog post. The partnership represents a commitment between the companies to collaborate on the development of Faraday’s electric vehicle battery technology, which it claims will be the world’s highest energy density for a production automotive battery.

SpaceX Runs Down All Rocket Explosion Leads, Sabotage Included

As part of an effort to run down every lead in its Falcon 9 rocket explosion investigation, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is reportedly looking into sabotage, possibly by its rival United Launch Alliance, reports the L.A. Business Journal. During its rocket explosion investigation, a SpaceX employee asked for access to the roof of a United Launch Alliance building that was located about a mile away from the exploded rocket in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

WhatsApp Pushes Snapchat-Like Feature

Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp is launching picture overlay features similar to those found on Snapchat, reports TechCrunch. The move may preempt Snapchat’s international expansion as WhatsApp’s already has a large international user base.

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