Silicon Beach Report Oct. 13: Hyperloop One Raises $50 Million


Hyperloop One raises $50 million, Soylent tells customers to throw away vomit-inducing bars, Atari’s Nolan Bushnell launches virtual reality company, and more.

Hyperloop One Raises $50 Million

Hyperloop One raised a $50 million round of capital from DP World Group of Dubai, reports Fortune. The startup also hired former Uber Chief Financial Officer Brent Callinicos as a full-time adviser to the company’s Chief Executive Rob Lloyd and the board.

Soylent Tells Customers to Throw Away Vomit-Inducing Bars

After complaints online that Solyent’s “Food Bars” were making customers vomit, Soylent has told customers to throw away the product, reports Eater. The company said it has not yet identified what in the bars is making people sick.

Tinder Optimizes User Photos for More Swipes

Using an algorithm, Tinder’s app is optimizing the photo that appears first on a user’s profile page to generate more swipes, reports Engadget. In tests, Tinder said users saw up to a 12 percent increase in matches.

Atari’s Nolan Bushnell Launches Virtual Reality Company

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell launched a virtual reality company called Modal VR, reports TechCrunch. Using multiple sensors that follow movement through a room, and a full-body suit, Modal has claims to create a wireless VR platform that can track multiple users in areas up to 900,000 square feet.

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