Silicon Beach Report May 8: Snap Inc. Reportedly Disinterested in Snapchat Users in the Developing World


Snapchat reportedly disinterested in users in the developing world, Aerojet Rocketdyne says AR1 rocket engine development is on schedule, and Revolution Prep raises $4 million.

Snap Inc. Reportedly Disinterested in Snapchat Users in the Developing World

Snap Inc. largely has ignored less-developed countries in favor of North America and Europe, where the big advertising dollars are and where Snapchat has about 75 percent of its 161 million daily users, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to people familiar with the discussions, the company turned down an employee proposal to make a lightweight version of its app for regions with slow internet.

Aerojet Rocketdyne Says AR1 Rocket Engine Development Is On Schedule

Aerojet Rocketdyne announced last week that development of its AR1 rocket engine is on schedule, reports Space News. Aerojet is developing the AR1 for potential use in United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan vehicle, although ULA executives said last month that Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine is the front-runner for that rocket.

Revolution Prep Raises $4 Million

Revolution Prep, an education software developer and tutoring service, announced on Monday that it closed a $4 million round of funding led by Kennet Partners, according to a press release. The company’s Revolution Math program incorporates storytelling, games, small class size, and social interaction to teach students mathematics.

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