Silicon Beach Report June 5: Atom Tickets COO Joins EZTexting Board


SpaceX retrieves space station supercomputer, Netflix subscription numbers tallied; EZTexting appoints new board member

EZTexting adds Atom Tickets executive to board

Santa Monica-based text message marketing firm EZTexting Inc. announced June 5 it added Allison Checci, chief operating officer of Santa Monica-based online ticketing firm Atom Tickets, to its board. Checci will be EZTickets’ second independent board member, Socaltech reports.

SpaceX brings supercomputer back home

A Hewlett-Packard Enterprise space supercomputer returned to Earth on a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule after two years at the International Space Station. According to the Verge, the supercomputer was brought back so Hewlett could do an electronic autopsy on it and check its functionality and decay after its time in Space. The information gleaned from this review will help Hewlett launch a new spaceborne computer, potentially on another craft built by Hawthorne-based SpaceX.

Netflix nearing peak U.S. subscriptions

Variety reports Netflix Inc., which has growing footprint in Hollywood, may be reaching its peak subscriber counts in the United States. The company has 60.2 million paid subscribers, and domestic subscribers make up only one-seventh of Netflix’s new subscribers added in first quarter 2019. Netflix has said it’s streaming service can grow to a maximum of 60 to 90 million users in the U.S.

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