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Silicon Beach Report July 5: Hyperloop One Announces Results of Full-Scale Study

Hyperloop One Planning Major Helsinki-Stockholm Project

Hyperloop One announced today along with research partners FS links and KPMG the results of their first study of a full-scale Hyperloop system, reports Yahoo Finance. The proposed 500 kilometer Hyperloop system would link the metro areas and airports of Helsinki and Stockholm and passengers or freight could make the trip between capitals in 28 minutes, a fraction of the current 3.5 hour flight or overnight ferry. The study found the value of time saved by the proposed project would be 321 million Euros per year. The potential revenue generated by the system is estimated to be 1 billion Euros annually with an operating profit of 800 million Euros per year. These projections are based on a forecast of 43 million passenger trips each year.

Stamps.com Acquires ShippingEasy for $55 million

El Segundo based Stamps.com announced its acquisition late last week of ShippingEasy, reports Siliconhills. ShippingEasy produces web-based shipping software for online retailers. The purchase was finalized for $55 million and represents Stamps.com purchasing one of its leading competitors in the e-commerce sphere.

KBR Purchased by Wyle for $570 Million

Wyle, an El-Segundo based provider of outsourced engineering and scientific services to the Federal Government has announced its purchase of KBR, a competitor in the field of providing professional services, reports SoCalTech. The deal was reportedly worth $570 million and will result in the two companies uniting under the name “KBRwyle” which will continue to service Wyle’s existing customers.

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