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Razor, Lime Deploy E-Scooters in LA

Four months after announcing its arrival in Long Beach, Cerritos-based Razor USA will bring shared electric scooters to LA, as well.

The news followed an announcement that Neutron Holdings Inc.’s scooter operator Lime received a permit to drop scooters in the City of Los Angeles.

Razor’s scooters will be scattered across Los Feliz, West Los Angeles, and Sherman Oaks, according to the company. Though a late entrant to LA, Razor ensured it will operate legally, cooperating with the LA Department of Transportation to gain its approval. Lime’s scooters are expected to operate within the City of Los Angeles.

Razor developed its first electric scooter in 2003. Since then, the company reports it has manufactured nearly 13 million electric scooters.

“We are thrilled to be in Los Angeles as it is home for Razor, with our global headquarters located in Los Angeles County,” Razor USA Chief Operating Officer Danny Simon said in a statement. “Angelenos will now have access to our dockless Razor Share e-scooters for a better ride experience.”

According to the LA Department of Transportation’s permit documents, it costs a scooter operator roughly $100,000 to legally operate a fleet of 3,000 scooters in the City of LA, including $5,000 for the permit application. The city caps the number of scooters per operators at 3,000. Operators pay a $32.50 fee for each permitted scooter. Lime’s permit will be valid for 120 days.

“The City is taking a proactive approach to integrate these technologies into the fabric of its transportation system. This is part of a broader effort to understand dockless, on-demand technology and the implications on the City and its residents,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

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