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Fashion & Beauty Awards: Rising Brand of the Year Finalist



When Jaclyn Jones started creating her brand, she wanted to tackle the biggest complaint in the luxury footwear market – the lack of practicality in stiff, mass-produced European-made shoes. Understanding what a comfortable pair of shoes can do for a woman’s confidence, she made it her mission to make the most luxurious shoes possible – incorporating comfort, fashion, and premium materials. Examining the current landscape of brands occupying the luxury footwear space, Jones realized that the industry is vastly dominated by a few powerhouse fashion corporations headed by male designers or owners. It all clicked into place – these shoes were so uncomfortable because they were designed by someone who never had to wear them. Jaclyn Jones USA insoles have 4mm foam padding which is two three times thicker than the industry average. Jones knows how important it is that her favorite, stylish heels are beyond just that – and are extremely wearable in her busy life.

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