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MamaBear Acquires KidNotice

Santa Monica’s MamaBear, developer of a secure communication app for families, has acquired Valley Village app maker KidNotice for an undisclosed sum.

KidNotice’s product allows parents to share their child’s “in case of emergency” information privately with other caregivers. Specific features of MamaBear’s app include social media monitoring, family mapping, customizable geo-location alerts and online reputation management tools.

MamaBear said the acquisition gave it the opportunity to expand the capabilities of its service.

“We have built and are continuing to enhance a valuable parenting tool that leverages the power of digital technology to help parents efficiently communicate with their children, extended families and other families, as well as better manage interactions, activities and shared information,” said MamaBear President and Chief Executive Suzanne Horton, in a statement.

Horton, the former chief executive of Be Jane Inc., joined the company last month. MamaBear moved its headquarters to Santa Monica from Tampa, Fla. in February, and its roughly dozen employees are split between the two cities.

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