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Long Beach, Landi Renzo Sign Contract

The city of Long Beach has awarded a contract to Landi Renzo USA to supply Ford Motor Co. trucks powered by renewable natural gas. 

The two-year contract covers an array of commercial vehicles for Long Beach, including Ford F-250, F-350 and F-550 trucks modified by the Torrance-based company.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson said the city’s ongoing partnership with Landi Renzo demonstrated its commitment to pioneering sustainable mobility products.

“With Landi’s innovative carbon-negative RNG trucks, Long Beach not only solidifies its position as a champion of clean transportation, but also takes a big step toward a greener and more environmentally responsible future,” Richardson said. 

As a carbon-negative fuel option for fleets, renewable natural gas is even more ecofriendly than electric vehicles, because the fuel cuts carbon in two ways. Carbon is reduced at the source, where it’s made from organic waste, animal and plant-based material, as well as on the road, Landi Renzo said in a release.

Andrea Landi, president of Landi Renzo USA, said that the company’s long-time partnership with Long Beach highlights its dedication to help municipal and commercial fleets around the country, particularly in California, with effective clean-transportation vehicles. 

“Trucks powered by (renewable natural gas) have 90% lower (nitrogen oxide) emissions and significantly reduced particulate emissions compared to other fuels,” Landi said in a statement. 

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