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L.A. Launch List: Oct. 17

The Los Angeles Business Journal brings you a weekly roundup of L.A. launches.

CardBlanc: Online shoppers can buy from a curated list of major retailers through the social e-commerce app. CardBlanc charges an affiliate fee, between 5 percent and 20 percent on each transaction, to the retail partner. The Santa Monica team worked on the app during Stubbs Alderton & Markiles’ pre-accelerator program. Read more here.

Curbside Commuters: The Beverly Hills distributor of ElectroBikes offers motorized bicycles that help with pedaling to encourage commuters to take alternative transportation. The goal is to decrease traffic congestion in Los Angeles in an eco-friendly way. Curbside Commuters opened an electric bike shop in Venice, and additional Southern California locations are planned. It first released its service in Mexico in 2012.

FlashFunders: The online equity funding platform connects startups with accredited investors. If a company successfully meets its funding goal, FlashFunders will take the right to purchase a 20 percent stake and further invest on top of the round. The Santa Monica platform hopes to scale by securing funding for 50 companies a month before the end of the year. “It’s very difficult to pick winners at a seed stage,” said co-founder Vincent Bradley. “Our philosophy, scope and license allow us to work with many companies.”

Los Angeles Times Originals: Entertainment, lifestyle, sports and documentary videos as well as real-time breaking news will be showcased on the newspaper’s free Roku channel. The Times also announced a DirecTV distribution deal for its documentaries last month. Read more here.

Spreeify’s Mobile Rich Media Ad Platform: The Studio City ad tech firm has launched a platform to help advertisers maximize mobile ad spending through data-driven optimization. Spreeify’s clients include Adobe, JustFab and Pixar Animation Studios.

The QYOU: The “Best of Web Video” TV channel shows short-form videos during its commercial-free 24-hour programming. The Culver City Pay TV service will include Internet stars as on-air presenters, or Q-rators. QYOU already secured a deal with Beijing digital TV operator StarTimes earlier this month.

Staff reporter Melissah Yang can be reached at MYang@labusinessjournal.com. Follow her on Twitter @MelissahYang for the latest in L.A. tech news.


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