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Intel Opening Santa Monica Office

Following in the footsteps of several other tech giants, Intel has announced that it is opening an L.A. office to bring its content and services team closer to media and content partners.

Reuters reported last week that the Santa Clara company is opening offices in Los Angeles and New York as it moves forward with plans for an Internet television service.

An Intel spokesman confirmed with the Business Journal that Intel’s L.A. office will be located at 2041 Colorado St. in Santa Monica. The spokesman would not disclose how many employees would work in that space.

Intel plans to release a set-top device that would deliver videos to television using a broadband Internet connection. But the company will need deals with production companies and studios to provide content to viewers. Having an office close to those potential partners could prove important.

It’s a significant shift toward media and content for the company, better known for creating computer chips.

Microsoft, Google and Amazon made similar investments in content when they opened offices in the Westside tech hub known as Silicon Beach. Google has opened YouTube Space L.A. in Playa Vista for its online video property while Microsoft has offices in Santa Monica to develop content for the Xbox game console and production for many of Amazon’s original shows is happening locally.

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