Burstly Reorganizes After Acquisition


More than a year after acquiring app testing startup TestFlight, Burstly has reorganized to better align its suite of products.

On Tuesday, the Santa Monica company announced that it has become the parent for a line of three mobile services.

The products now sold under the Burstly name are TestFlight, a tool that allows mobile developers to test their apps before general release; FlightPath, an analytics platform that tells developers how their app is doing during testing; and SkyRocket, the company’s original monetization tool, which allows developers to cross-promote their apps and facilitate in-app purchases.

Before the reorganization, Burstly sold its monetization tool only to large mobile developers; now any developer can buy it.

Evan Rifkin, Burstly chief executive, said the products are designed to work together or separately, depending on the developer’s needs.

“We have built features into these products that make them very powerful when used together,” he said. “However, if a developer prefers to use one of the products independently, they can continue to do so.”

Burstly has about 50 employees including the team it acquired from TestFlight. The three-year-old company claims its products have been used on more than 300,000 apps.

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