LA500 2023: Don Hankey

LA500 2023: Don Hankey

Founder and
Chief Executive, Westlake Financial Services Inc.

Hankey is the chair and primary stockholder of Westlake Financial
Services, the auto finance company he launched in 1978 to serve car
buyers with subprime credit. Hankey began his career in investment
banking, shifting gears to financing car loans when he acquired his
family’s Midway Ford dealership in 1972. The Hankey Group’s total assets
are a reported $19 billion, with Westlake Financial Services being
its largest company. Hankey is the founder and chairman of companies
specializing in the automotive, finance, technology, real estate and insurance
industries. Hankey, with a net worth of $8.6 billion, ranked as
the seventh wealthiest Angeleno on the Business Journal’s 2022 list.


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