WMA-Endeavor Merger Prompts Layoffs


The consolidation of WMA and Endeavor began in earnest Monday as WMA execs informed more than 100 agents and other staffers that they would be let go as of May 31. Endeavor also let go about eight to 10 staffers.

The layoffs came on the same day WMA and Endeavor got the go-ahead from the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Dept. to proceed with the deal to combine as WME Entertainment. The sides are still awaiting a final signoff from state labor commissioners in New York and California.

Among the high-profile WMA TV reps with prominent client lists who were notified: Erwin More, TV scripted packaging head Lanny Noveck, Renee Kurtz and Alan Rautbort. Biz observers said there was little doubt that rival shingles would move swiftly to recruit some of the WMA alums. Susan Brooks, WMA’s longtime head of TV biz affairs, was also among the departures.

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