The Money Book: Yves Sisteron

The Money Book: Yves Sisteron

Upfront Ventures

Managing Partner

Years with firm: 20

Prior to founding Upfront in 1996, Yves Sisteron managed the U.S. investments of Fourcar B.V., a division of Carrefour S.A., the second largest retailer in the world. In this capacity, he was an investor in numerous private equity investments in a number of venture capital, emerging growth, and later-stage retailing transactions. Sisteron has SaaS-cloud software and consumer internet-consumer domain expertise. He has helped build $1 billion businesses in both verticals and has operational experience at a leading European retailer. Sisteron attended the University of Law (Lyon) where he received a JD and LLM, and received an LLM from New York University School of Law.

Industry specialization: Digital media, commerce technology and marketplaces, consumer goods and services, and SaaS. Typically supports at seed or Series A.

Recent transactions: Adore Me, DailyLook, Envestnet, Fame and Partners, Grove Labs, GumGum, Health Data Vision, Kyriba, Nima, and Teforia.

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