The Money Book: Peter Nolan

The Money Book: Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan

Nolan Capital


Years with firm: 3

Founded Nolan Capital Inc. in 2014 as the holding company for his family office to make long-term investments in growth-oriented companies. Nolan joined Leonard Green & Partners as managing partner in 1997 along with Jon Sokoloff and John Danhakl. Under their leadership, the firm completed more than 80 principal investments and grew assets under management to an excess of $24 billion. Leonard Green is investing its $9.6 billion Fund VII. Nolan transitioned to his current role as senior advisor to Leonard Green in 2014. He serves on the boards of Diamond Wipes International Inc., Fresh Brothers, La Fresh Group Inc., AerSale Holdings Inc., Activision Inc., and Motorsport Aftermarket Group. He earned a BS in agricultural economics and finance from Cornell University and an MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell.

Industry specialization: Opportunistic investors in operating companies and real estate.

Deal value range: Companies with $5 million to 20 million of Ebitda.

Recent transactions: Diamond Wipes and Fresh Brothers.

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