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LA 500: William Hsu

William Hsu

Managing Partner, Mucker Capital

William Hsu has spent his career as both an entrepreneur and an executive of a Fortune 100 company, founding Mucker Capital to invest in seed and “pre-seed” stage companies building defensible and scalable businesses in internet software, services, and media. Prior to forming Mucker Capital, Hsu was the chief product officer of AT&T Interactive. In three years at AT&T Interactive, he doubled revenue to more than $1 billion and helped establish it as the ninth-largest digital media company, the largest digital local advertising company, and the second-largest mobile advertising company in the United States.

Enjoy Most: Meeting entrepreneurs.

Toughest Challenge: Meeting more entrepreneurs.

Most excited: My kids.

Fun fact: Learned to speak English at a Catholic School in Guam.

Alma Maters: BS, Stanford; MBA, Wharton

Beverage: Tap water.

Car you drive: Tesla Model S.


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