Judy Weber-Frye

Davis Cos.

Vice President

Claim to Fame: Works for Marvin Davis

Judy Weber-Frye works on real estate deals for Marvin Davis a tall order given that the billionaire Los Angeles businessman is usually secretive and always on the lookout for buying low and selling high.

“Davis has two people who do nothing but real estate deals, and she heads it,” said Tony Natsis, a real estate attorney.

A company spokesman said Davis would not make Weber-Frye available for an interview or provide information about her. Colleagues, however, point to her hard work and effectiveness including orchestrating Davis’ 1997 repurchase of fashionable Fox Plaza in Century City for $253 million.

In 1988, Davis sold his 50 percent interest in the building for an undisclosed price to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., which then resold it to LaSalle Advisors in Chicago for a reported $320 million.

Weber-Frye, who is vice president of the Davis Cos., also was said to be a key player when Davis and developer Jerry Snyder joined with an investment fund in 1995 to buy and restructure the mortgage on the first phase of the new Water Garden office project in Santa Monica.

“There were a lot of post-closing issues because the transaction was very quick. It was pretty intense,” says Nancy Haag of the Archon Group, who worked with Weber-Frye as part of the transaction.

Press reports say that Davis is currently negotiating with Hollywood Park for an option on 140 acres of land perhaps for a stadium to house an NFL team. While the press-shy Davis won’t comment on these or other intentions, there’s a good chance that Weber-Frye is right in the middle of things.

“She’s pretty senior (in the Davis organization),” Haag said, noting that it’s hard to tell exactly how Davis operates. “They’re pretty hush-hush.”

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