7. Stewart & Lynda Resnick

7. Stewart & Lynda Resnick
Stewart & Lynda Resnick

Net Worth: $6.8 Billion

Stewart & Lynda Resnick

LAST YEAR: $6.5 Billion


AGE: Stewart, 82; Lynda, 76

RESIDENCE: Beverly Hills


THE MONEY: The Resnicks are sole owners of the Wonderful Co., which holds citrus, almond and pistachio farms and processing facilities across more than 120,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley. They also own floral wire service Teleflora, pest control-provider Suterra, shipping company Neptune Pacific Line, bottled-water company Fiji Water and a vineyard in Paso Robles. The company’s POM Wonderful division bills itself as the world’s largest integrated producer of the company’s variety of pomegranates, which are used to make POM Wonderful-branded pomegranate juice. The Wonderful Co. reported $4.6 billion in annual branded retail sales in 2018. The Resnicks also have a majority ownership stake in the Kern Water Bank.

THE BUZZ: In March, the Wonderful Co. committed to 100% renewable electricity for its food and farming operations by 2025, joining a growing group of global businesses that have signed on to RE100, an initiative led by a London-based climate group. And in June, Wonderful announced that it had obtained exclusive rights to a seedless lemon variety that grows in California and is gearing up to market the niche brand.

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