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The End

Commercial and Music Video Production

Beverly Hills

At The End, a commercial and music video production company, the hub of the workplace is, quite literally, a hub.

Major meetings are held in a central, circular conference room shaped like a bicycle wheel. The 5,000-square-foot space has several spokes that extend outward and act as adjunct meeting places inside the Beverly Boulevard building.

Michael White, a principal at HLW International LLP, the Santa Monica firm that designed the hub, said the team-oriented production company needed a meeting space that provided lots of flexibility. Some days, a group of 15 might gather to work on a project. At other times, that number might reach 75.

“They wanted some unique identity to it,” White said. “The meeting room in the middle of the spokes is the brain center of the operation. Each one of the spokes can be used when production groups break away into different teams.”

The configuration makes more efficient use of space than traditional layouts where an office is parallel to a hallway. “With this layout we don’t have an unused corridor that runs adjacent to a work station,” White said.

Along with the hub, The End includes an additional 5,000 square feet of space that’s divided into individual offices, lounges and storage space.

“We tried to design a space that flowed really well and went along with the ebb and flow of the business,” said Liz Silver, The End’s president. “We’re in a constant cycle of production and post production and we wanted the design to carry the cyclical theme.”

Ann Donahue

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