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Keep LAX fees low

The plans for the future of Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX bursting at the seams,” Dec. 16) are quite exciting, and there is no denying that the modernization of our airport is sorely needed.

However, in our excitement over the LAX Master Plan, we should not overlook the other factors which keep international travelers coming to Los Angeles and more importantly, the factors whlch may cause them to use other airports as a point-of-entry to the United States.

One major concern of international travelers are the fees associated with landing in the United States. In our efforts to update our airport, we should not penalize these travelers with additional and expensive local tariffs and fees. It we do, it will be Los Angeles that loses as the travelers’ turn to airports in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago and other cities. In order to remain competitive in the tourism market, we must keep down the costs for international travelers.

C.K. Tseng


Asian Business Association

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