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Disabling Call Waiting – If you carry the call waiting feature in your

phone line(s), your dial-up connection to the Internet (or any other

online service) may be interrupted if you receive a call in the middle

of a session. The good news is that it’s easy enough to disable this

feature every time you dial out by adding *70, in front of your number.

Of course, this code depend on the phone company, so make sure that it’s

the correct code for your calling area/telephone service provider

specially if you’re not in the USA. For example, if your current dial-up

number is 123-4567 change it to *70,123-4567 *70 actually does the

disabling of the call waiting feature, and the comma (,) afterwards

simply adds a delay to bypass the acknowledgment of the command. If your

dialer doesn’t understand commas in the phone number, try using just

*70. To re-enable call waiting, simply dial *72.

Find out where a particular site is located. Wondering which country or

state a particular Internet site is located at? Try For example, to find out where

Netscape (netscape.com) site is located, point your browser to the

following address:

Ever log on to your ISP and discover that things aren’t moving along

very fast? Maybe you’ve even experienced a dropped connection. Windows

95 can be configured to keep a running log of your modem’s activity. You

can open it in Notepad or your favorite text editor and find what went

wrong. To make Windows record a log file for your modem right-click on

the icon for your dial up connection, then choose Properties, Configure,

Connection. Click the Advanced Button and check the Record log file box.

You’ll find a MODEMLOG.TXT file in your Windows subdirectory.

Double-click to open it in Notepad.

Get to a favorite site almost instantly with Windows 95’s Run program.

From the Start button, select run and type the complete URL for a

favorite site — including the http://. Windows will launch your default

Web browser and go right to the site.

You can use almost All the popular search engines on the Web to search

for a phrase IF you place all the words in quotes. For instance, a

search for the words site promotion will bring results for the

individual words. If you submit the words “site promotion” you’ll get

results on the entire phrase.

Yahoo is a great search engine. Problem is, for most searches it may be

too good — it will bring up sites you search for no matter how old they

may be. You can reduce the return of your searches by limiting them to

only return the more recent pages relevant to the subject by clicking on

Options (Right next to the search button). Then limit your searches by

whatever length of time you want.

Windows 95 users can get more browser room on their screens by hiding

the taskbar. (The bar at the bottom of the Windows 95 screen that shows

the applications you have running.) Click on the Start button, select

Settings, Taskbar, and check the Auto Hide checkbox.

AOL 3.0 users can click on the sunglasses icon to go directly to Yahoo’s

top sites.

While searching on Magellan you can limit searches to content that is

appropriate for kids by marking the “Green light sites only” box.

The arrival of spring also signals an increase in thunderstorms and

other severe weather. Lightning can induce currents along power and

phone lines even from miles away possibly entering your home through the

drop line. Even a small spike in line voltage could cause unpredictable

problems. When thunderstorms and lightning threaten your area, it’s a

good idea to turn your computer off and disconnect the power plug from

the wall until after the storm passes. Remember too to unplug the modem

from the phone line. This prevents any voltage anomalies from entering

your PC’s electronics. Better safe than sorry.

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