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It’s wedding season, and you know what that means: More grooms will be wearing makeup than ever before.

These days, that picture-perfect wedding day isn’t just the bride’s time to shine. The groom has to look spiffy too, so when the couple looks through their wedding photos, they aren’t stunned by the sun glaring off his shiny nose or the dark circles left under his eyes from the bachelor party.

“It’s the biggest day for the grooms as well,” said Sonya Dakar, who owns a skin care studio in Beverly Hills and has done makeup for a number of men.

But how do you tell a man he needs a touch of blush? The day of the wedding, or a few weeks before, the bride’s makeup artist might broach the topic sensitively.

“I’ve done full makeup for men because they’ve got bad skin or a scar that they need to camouflage,” said makeup artist Zipora Nancy Baldwin. “Or I’ll give them just a little powder to control the shine on their skin, and concealer for their eyes.”

Emad Asfoury, a photographer who has chronicled scores of weddings, touches on the makeup subject when the bride and groom come into his L.A. Color Studio in Sherman Oaks to talk about photos.

“The grooms get shocked when I mention makeup,” he said. “It is still a taboo subject for people to suggest it But once they see the finished result, they don’t mind wearing a little.”

So are grooms really ready for makeup? One bride said her engineer husband-to-be was horrified at the thought of a dusting of facial powder. But after she insisted, he wore it.

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