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State-of-the-Art Specialty Car

State-of-the Art Specialty Care Defines Downtown Hospital

Catering to Business, Industry and Individuals

Orthopaedic Hospital’s comprehensive range of adult and pediatric orthopaedic services is unparalleled on the West Coast. A private, not-for-profit specialized treatment center, the hospital campus includes a pediatric and adult inpatient hospital, a six-story outpatient center and complete rehabilitation facility.

Located downtown at Flower and Hope streets since its founding in 1918 as a clinic for young polio victims, Orthopaedic Hospital has grown along with the city of Los Angeles. Today, Orthopaedic Hospital operates a comprehensive Occupational Medicine Center and is home to major centers of excellence:

Hand Disorders: Diagnosis & Treatment

Foot and Ankle Disorders: Diagnosis & Treatment

Joint Replacement: Primary and Revision

Musculoskeletal Tumor: Diagnosis and Treatment

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Hemophilia and Blood Disorders

Spine Disorders: Diagnosis & Treatment

Sports Injuries: Diagnosis & Treatment

With research facilities recognized worldwide for innovations in materials and techniques as well as basic scientific breakthroughs that have advanced patient care worldwide, Orthopaedic Hospital is the premiere institution of its kind in the western United States.

Physicians and Employees

Members of the medical staff are leading experts in their orthopaedic subspecialties. As a result, Orthopaedic Hospital can document superior quantitative and qualitative outcomes for children and adults in the areas of hand, joint, feet and back surgery, bone tumors and hemophilia. More than 500 employees, 300 medical staff members and 200 volunteers provide the quality care that is the essence of Orthopaedic Hospital.

Specialized Programs

In addition to its centers of excellence, Orthopaedic Hospital offers some unique programs and services including: World Hemophilia Center, Pacific Coast Tissue Bank, Bone and Connective Tissue Research Program, International Children’s Program, Bone and Mineral Deficiency Consultative Service, Bone and Soft Tissue Consultative Service, Pediatric Acute Injury Program, Adult Pain Management Center, Microvascular Surgery and Arthroscopic Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures.

For more information about Orthopaedic Hospital’s services, please call: 213.742-1330.


Orthopaedic Hospital’s Occupational Medicine Center

Orthopaedic Hospital’s Occupational Medicine Center treats thousands of workplace injuries annually. The volume of complex workplace injuries treated by hospital specialists offers employers, employees and insurers the highest level of expertise in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Complex workplace injuries like those of the back, shoulder, hand and lower extremity are best treated immediately and at an experienced, industrial medicine center for a one-time episode of care. Experienced orthopaedic physicians, nurses and physical and occupational therapists provide particular expertise in assessing functional capacity. Our industrial programs are designed individually and specifically to meet each patient’s needs, targeting their disability. Close contact is maintained throughout the entire rehabilitation process with case managers via phone and written progress reports.

Orthopaedic Hospital’s Occupational Medicine Center provides:

– Physicians on duty 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for immediate care

– Agreed Medical Examiner and/or Qualified Medical Examiner Orthopaedists

– Multispecialty referrals

– Panel for continuation of treatment and medical legal evaluations (with the approval of a claims examiner)

– Physical and Occupational Therapy Departments staffed by highly experienced, licensed and subspecialty certified therapists

– Status reports to employers and insurance carriers following each visit

– Pre-employment medical exams


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