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Special Report: EIGHT OVER 80

Fred Astman is 89 and still oversees about 500 individual accounts at First Wilshire Securities Management, the firm he founded in 1977.

Stanley A. Dashew is 95 and still works 50 hours a week as an inventor, businessman and author – and then spends weekends sailing his boat. Jerome “Jerry” Redston, who owns a life and health insurance agency, is 86 and still plays basketball every Sunday.

In this annual Special Report, the Business Journal visits eight Angelenos, all 80 or over, who are all still working hard. It’s not because they have to. As 89-year-old John Maloney put it: “My life is my business. My business is my life.”

The report features their advice on staying healthy and active – and the best and worst of working into your 80s and beyond. The best? “Time sheets are less important,” says 87-year-old Harold “Hal” Friedman, a lawyer. The worst? “Still have to keep time sheets.”

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