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About the Profiles

In arriving at this year’s Who’s Who in Advertising, the Business Journal solicited input from industry observers, analysts and executives. Among the factors considered was the track record of the individuals and their agencies, with special emphasis given to recent accomplishments and honors. Consideration was limited to those employed by ad agencies, advertising consultancies, media buying firms, commercial production companies and other ad-related businesses in Los Angeles.

About the Cover

Featured on the Special Report’s cover are several ads produced by local agencies. Clockwise from top, they are, an L.A. Cellular ad produced by BBDO West, a Honda ad by Rubin Postaer and Associates, a Toyota ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Pacific, another L.A. Cellular ad by BBDO West, an am/pm Mini-Markets ad by Rubin Postaer and Associates, and a SquareSoft ad by Saatchi & Saatchi Pacific.

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