What do you do when Rupert Murdoch decides to downsize your department out of existence?

Start a company of your own. At least that’s what Douglas Friedman has done.

Friedman, a veteran creative services director, was working as senior vice president of creative services for New World/Genesis Distribution when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. bought that company in January, and Friedman’s department was cut.

“Guess it took Rupert Murdoch to convince me to go off on my own,” said Friedman, who in his last job handled $20 million in annual spending.

Friedman’s new company, Calabasas-based Malibu Marketing Inc., opened for business on Feb. 1. It provides advertising, distribution and marketing services to the entertainment industry.

The firm has already landed some big clients.

Pioneer Entertainment, a division of Pioneer Electronics, has signed up as has Twentieth Television, the program distributor for Fox Inc.

“Malibu Marketing is a dream come true,” said Friedman, who helped launch Access Hollywood in his previous job at New World/Genesis. “Not only will we get to work with program distributors, but we will also work closely with broadcasters and producers, as well.”

Specifically, Friedman will consult clients on advertising for print and television. He will also help identify sponsors for program promotions, as well as finding broadcast/video opportunities for producers.

Prior to going to work for New World/Genesis, Friedman held similar posts at TeleVentures the partnership of Tri-Star Pictures and Stephen J. Cannell Productions. He has also worked at television stations on both coasts including WGBS-TV (Philadelphia) and KTLA.

He currently serves as chairman-elect of PROMAX International, and will become chairman of the industry trade association in June.

Joe Bel Bruno

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