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A veteran journalist who knows the fashion circuit from coast-to-coast, as well as internationally, Liz Mazurski is looking forward to settling into her new position as West Coast editor of Glamour magazine.

Mazurski brings a variety of background experience to the job and credits her work with fashion designer Norma Kamali and fashion magazine publisher Grace Mirabella as the driving force behind her love for fashion.

“Those are two of the most powerful influences in the industry,” Mazurski said. “I got my power and my knowledge from them.”

A Connecticut native, Mazurski studied landscape design at the Rhode Island School of Design and became involved in fashion while in art school. She went straight to New York where she landed a job as Kamali’s special projects director.

Mazurski said she was “smitten” with the fashion industry and followed it right to the heart of the European fashion center Paris. “I moved to Paris to work with Grace Mirabella after completing my growing up phase in New York,” she said.

She moved to San Francisco in 1991 to take a job as the director of public relations for Esprit de Corp, the upscale clothing designer for teens. But Mazurski missed the action and began consulting from Los Angeles for Nike, DFS Group Ltd. and Federated Department Stores. “I yearned to be back among the fashion center,” she said.

Mazurski calls Los Angeles the greatest place for fashion. “There is a tremendous amount of energy coming out of Los Angeles. It’s a very specialized hotbed of ideas that are spreading across the country,” she said.

“As far as I’m concerned, Los Angeles is reinventing itself within the fashion forefront,” she said. “We’re rebounding economically and with all of the entertainment and sports centers here in Los Angeles, there is fashion from couture to mass market. I want to show the rest of the country what’s going on here.”

In addition to fashion, Mazurski will be covering regional topics involving beauty, health and fitness, travel, food and entertainment. She will coordinate fashion shoots, attend fashion sittings and work with writers.

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