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Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneur Of The Year

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary in Los Angeles

More than 3,000 entrepreneurs have received the Entrepreneur of the Year award since its creation in 1986. Founded by Ernst & Young LLP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the program has grown from one award area to 46 across the United States and 10 countries internationally.

For ten years professionals in the Los Angeles business community have nominated thousands of individuals, recognizing their ability to identify markets, create products and services, and build companies into thriving enterprises.

Seemingly, every year the stories are more spectacular and the successes more triumphant. Most significant are the number of individuals who are creating jobs, stimulating the economy and adding wealth to the nation. These dynamic people are the innovators, the motivators, who continually find themselves meeting adversity head-on, with the flexibility to sustain set-backs and forge ahead.

Everyone nominated for recognition in the Entrepreneur Of The Year program is a winner; every company is deserving. Award recipients represent all of the people in their industries who give their best.

This year we salute a new group of entrepreneurial trailblazers and embrace ten years of leaders who continue to create new prosperity. The income and taxes these firms generate make our communities work. They fund public schools, public hospitals and parks, along with other vital community services.

Through innovative products and emerging markets, entrepreneurs are shaping the contours of the global economy. Our nation & #336;s best entrepreneurs are masters of opportunity. Their objective: build the strength to successfully deal with change. Their challenges: keep key people, streamline operations, set trends. Their approach: energy, tenacity, resourcefulness.

These are people who are used to failureacountless ups and downs, turning points, key decisions, wrong turns and flat-out mistakes. They also are individuals of great vision, capable of looking at established markets and consumers and re-ordering those realities.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year award was established to recognize entrepreneurs for their inspiration and perseverance in creating and sustaining successful, growing businesses. It also is an opportunity to admire them for their optimism and courage. It is the world & #336;s entrepreneurs who remind us there are no limits.

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