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My Favorite: Beth Braen

My Favorite: Beth Braen


It’s a search of the search engines they break the results out in terms of the other search engines’ results. It will say “Yahoo found 150 matches,” or “Google found 100,” “Findwhat.com found this many.” There’s obviously going to be overlap, but it’s still great. And it’s kinda cute, instead of using the world “search,” after you type in the item you’d like to search for, you click “fetch.”


This is a great site for a number of reasons. I’ve used it to do comparison shopping for everything from laptops to cell phones to Palms and things like that. You can compare not only prices but also product attributes, minor differences, etc. If there’s a slight difference between two products, you can learn what they are. They also have streaming media, so maybe they’ll be video of two of their editors talking about two different Palm Pilots, and what they do and don’t like about each.


This is Sun Micosystems’ site. It’s actually a great site for people interested in various areas of technology. They have a section called “executive perspective,” where they have articles written by Sun executives on different issues. Then they also have a streaming media area where they stream interviews and information. It’s a great content site.

Conor Dougherty

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