MTV Networks in Deal to Monetize Videos


Hollywood used to fume when fans uploaded video clips to the Internet to share with their friends. Now it’s looking to cash in on them.

For several years, television networks and movie studios dispatched legions of lawyers and sophisticated technology to stamp out piracy while showcasing their content on their own websites. Viacom Inc., owner of Paramount Pictures and MTV Networks, filed a $1-billion copyright infringement lawsuit against Google Inc.’s YouTube, the Web’s most popular video-sharing service.

But MTV Networks and other media giants have started to embrace the consumer-led digital revolution. The Viacom unit plans to pair advertising with clips from “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” “Punk’d” and other shows that MySpace users upload to the social network site, whether they have permission or not.

MTV plans to pull it off through a deal, scheduled to be announced today, with MySpace and Auditude, a Silicon Valley start-up that is providing the advertising technology.

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