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Marketing Chief Exec at Home With Creative Clients

Rick Eiserman, the new chief executive of Hollywood marketing agency Trailer Park, said he didn’t get into show biz publicity for the glitz and glamour.

“It wasn’t about red carpets or celebrities,” he said. “What interested me was the environment where creative is still king.”

Eiserman had an early passion for pursuing the business. Right after he graduated from San Diego Art Institute with a degree in graphic design, he flew to Manhattan to begin his career at Young & Rubicam, a marketing and communications agency.

In his new position at Trailer Park, which specializes in entertainment companies, Eiserman is responsible for expanding the company’s marketing services, primarily in the areas of digital, retail and viral. He oversees a staff that has recently grown to 300 after a string of acquisition and merger deals with various boutique operations, including Art Machine, a West Hollywood print design firm.

In addition to his management responsibilities, Eiserman sees it as his duty to lead the drive to invent services and tools for clients. Entertainment marketing is a competitive sector and he is always searching for ways to keep a high profile in the fast-paced environment.

“The space is constantly changing and the consumer is constantly moving,” Eiserman said. “As a service-based organization, we have to move with that. We have to continuously find ways to connect with our clients.”

After years in the industry working with clients such as auto maker Land Rover Global, electronics company LG North America and the National Basketball Association, Eiserman has honed his business strategy.

“How do you take hundreds and thousands of people and keep them headed in a fast-moving direction?” he said. “It’s communication and understanding. We continuously adapt new services and overcommunicate with staffs.”

Eiserman lives in Laguna Hills with his wife, Lillie, and two children, Sienna and Connor. He spends his free time with his kids; they paint and play sports at home together.

Yoo Mi Chin


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