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We’re back to a normal week at the Business Journal, with our usual array of features and departments, including Media & Technology, L.A. Stories, Small Business and Corporate Focus.

Please forgive the one-week absence, but we needed the space and staff to present our special package, “A Day in the Life of Los Angeles.”

Several times a year, we ask your allowance in this way. Whether it’s Richest Angelenos or the annual Economic Outlook report or last week’s Day in the Life issue, there are times when we feel certain subjects require special treatment.

That’s not to dismiss the news of the week (a week that happened to include the Arco sale announcement), but merely to acknowledge the obvious: That getting a fix on L.A.’s business and economic scene involves a lot more than summarizing the week’s routine business stories (something you can get from many other news sources). In going through those 34 work scenes of Los Angeles, I hope you feel the same way.

Mark Lacter


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